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Knott's Berry Farm Complaint - JEREMIAH'S MOM,SAY"S Boooooo to...
Knott's Berry Farm Complaint

Knott's Berry Farm Complaint


JEREMIAH'S MOM,SAY"S Boooooo to...

JEREMIAH'S MOM,SAY"S Boooooo to Knott's Berry Farm !!!!!!! We saved to take our 9 yr. old son to Knott's before he was to have surgery.Jeremiah is deaf and he was getting a coclear to see if it would help him to be able to hear some. Now we had just got there at around 10:00 in the morning.My husband took him on one ride and he had a blast,so now he was going to take him on the ride across from this one.There are approx.10 seat's on each side of the ride.So about 20 seat's in all.Now there was only one seat on each end of the ride open,my husband explained to the guy working and seating the people that he(my Husband)needed to sit next to Jeremiah so he could sign(sign language)to our son the rule's about to be told.The guy seating everyone told my husband that those were the only two seats open and that it was not his problem that our son was deaf that my son and husband either sat at opposit end's of the ride or to get off.So my huband tried to explain to him again that he need's to sit next to him and that guy again said to my husband that I said it's not my problem that he is deaf sit at opposit end's or get off like I said.Well my husband looked at the other guy that was there helping to work the ride and that guy just put his hand's up in the air and said he was staying out of it. Now all the people on the ride were saying hey guy we will move over one so he could sit with his son and the guy was so hateful to us it was awful.Well of course our son started crying ,he dosn't understand why people are so cruel,he is a kid and from being deaf he is a little behind for his age group.Anyway,the guy would absolutely not let anyone move over,so my husband said that's ok he would just wait until the next time and get back in line.This guy said no you are not going to wait until the next time it's not my problem the boy is deaf again.Well by this time my husband and I are not happy camper's.And it is breaking our heart's that our son is being discrimiated against for not being able to hear,and this guy had no reason at all to be so cruel to anyone let alone a 9 yr. old deaf child.There was no reason on God's green earthy that they couldn't wait for the next load of people to go on.But this guy was absolutely hateful.And we sure didn't want to hold everyone else on the ride up and be hateful like he was,so we went to the next little store over and asked the guy there to call a supervisor so that we could ask if this not letting deaf people go on the ride is there policy,of corse they said no.But we were told to go to customer service and get a form and file a complaint.Since our son was broken hearted and my husband and myself were not in a very good mood we went and got the form and left.We went back to our hotel room packed and went home.I filled out the form and asked Knott's to pay us back the 1000.00 dollar's that we were out because the trip was a waist since their employee ruined it for us and that was the only thing we went down there for and since our son was discriminated against by them we thought it only fair that they fund our trip so that we could take our son back on a day that the rude employee wasn't there and I sent the complaint along with a detailed letter of name's.well do you think that they even sent a apoligy.No they sure did not.So if you ask me Knott's Berry Farm is not a family park.Sure the supervisor acted all sympithectic and said he was sorry and even agreed that what his ride person had done was discriminating,but you know how that goe's.They broke a little boy's heart and got our money,and didn't even have the desency to even apoligise,let alone give us our money back.So just wanted to say boooooo to KNOTT'S BERRY FARM for treating our son like he is not even worth the paper to send a apoligy on.Sure you got our money but he has all of our love,and respect.And at 9 year's old he at least know's how not to treat people.He knew before we brought him there but you made sure to show him that you don't treat people like we were treated.And when he ask's why they wouldn't let him go on the ride as he still doe's every now and then all we can say is that they are just not nice people.What do you say to a child that look's at you and ask's why they wouldn't let him go on the ride??????SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!But if any of the people that offered to move over so that he could go on the ride are reading this THANK YOU for trying and GOD BLESS YOU>!!!!We did talk to some of you while we waited for the supervisor and thank you for your kind word's.It's to bad Knott's Berry Farm couldn't take lessons on how to treat people and show some kindness.MR.& MRS. DALE(tdale@bak.rr.com

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